George Prekas


I am interested in virtualization, operating systems, and networking. My academic contributions include:

In general, I enjoy building and understanding complex computer systems.



I have designed and implemented a new dataplane operating system named ZygOS, which features a work-conserving scheduler for microsecond-scale networked tasks.

ZygOS is a system optimized for microsecond-scale, in-memory computing on multicore servers. It implements a work-conserving scheduler within a specialized operating system designed for high request rates and a large number of network connections. ZygOS uses a combination of shared-memory data structures, multi-queue NICs, and inter-processor interrupts to rebalance work across cores.


I have designed and implemented the energy management subsystem of the dataplane operating system IX.

IX is a dataplane operating system that provides high I/O performance and high resource efficiency while maintaining the protection and isolation benefits of existing kernels. IX uses hardware virtualization to separate management and scheduling functions of the kernel (control plane) from network processing (dataplane).


While working on IX and ZygOS, I have contributed multiple features to the kernel module Dune, which is a special purpose virtualization hypervisor.


Fun stuff